They used to say that once they pulled the construction supports from under a gothic arch, “if it stood for five minutes it would stand for five hundred years”. This anecdote speaks to our driving philosophy. We lay every stone with the notion that it will be there for at least 500 years. That means that not only does it have to be structurally sound, but it also has to have enduring design.

Our Story

Experienced second-generation masons, Jesse and Jonah Carrington are passionate about providing the ultimate quality, service, and integrity to our clients. Thus our work, which perpetuates the traditional techniques of Europe’s finest masons, is highly creative, structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

We were trained by our father, a master stonemason who learned the craft in England. There he acquired the knowledge and expertise of the master builders who for centuries created Europe’s most admired buildings. His background and his teaching have proved invaluable to us – and to our clients.  As we are driven by a passion to learn everything there is to know about the techniques, finishes, and craft of traditional old-world masonry, we attend workshops and courses, both locally and abroad, and are perpetually committed to the advancement of our skills. Few masons in America have taken the trouble to learn these time-honored European trade secrets.